An Optimistic Skeptic

If I had to call myself anything, it’d be an “optimistic skeptic”. I enjoy the possibility of anything being true, while acceding the fact that probably none of it is.

It’s fun.

Still, such a predilection is exhausting at times as well as lonely. But I prefer it this way so at least…there is that.

You could say that the world is colored in all shades of grey, but I would argue that the world is painted in a myriad of colors; Colors that change depending on how you look, colors that are labeled differently depending on when you look, and colors that you didn’t even know existed no matter where you look.

Is that bad? Does a rigid frame of reference or an unchanging line of sight not make life easier? Maybe. Probably. Certainly. Possibly.

Optimism for the wonder and for the magic.

Skepticism for the learning and for the facts.

Who knows where this will take me.




A rebirth of sorts

I recently came to the conclusion that my time was not going to any of the things I wanted to spend it on. I was pissing it all the way somehow.

Incidentally, “pissing time away” might as well be YouTube’s tag line.

So I decided to do something about it. Namely, that I would schedule the shit out of myself. Which I did. It was beautiful.

My father promptly fell ill and the entire county flooded.



But all is not lost! An opportunity is in here somewhere. To forge a better life for myself upon the anvil of misfortune.

My schedule will not work perfectly. Some parts will need tweaking, some parts will need to be switched around, and some parts will simply be unworkable.

Respectively: I’ll fix it, I’ll shuffle it, and I’ll get the fuck over it.

But all that is largely irrelevant, and anyone reading this site is not going to be reading it for this post. This is just me sort of clearing out the cobwebs. This is not why I am here.

I’m not telling my friend’s about this “blog”, as this is not where I’ll be talking about my day to day feelings. No, I’m going to use this site to properly ponder.

It is, after all, on my schedule. And it is something important enough to me to dedicate some of my time to.

And you are welcome to join me.