Monthly Archives: August 2016

An Optimistic Skeptic

If I had to call myself anything, it’d be an “optimistic skeptic”. I enjoy the possibility of anything being true, while acceding the fact that probably none of it is.

It’s fun.

Still, such a predilection is exhausting at times as well as lonely. But I prefer it this way so at least…there is that.

You could say that the world is colored in all shades of grey, but I would argue that the world is painted in a myriad of colors; Colors that change depending on how you look, colors that are labeled differently depending on when you look, and colors that you didn’t even know existed no matter where you look.

Is that bad? Does a rigid frame of reference or an unchanging line of sight not make life easier? Maybe. Probably. Certainly. Possibly.

Optimism for the wonder and for the magic.

Skepticism for the learning and for the facts.

Who knows where this will take me.